An unlikely Spokesman for Humility

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The Nehemiah Project


(the following message is from an e-mail that was sent to Pastor Jerry – seems timely)

In last Sunday’s message, Gifted to Serve, I landed heavily on the priority of humility. And how humility is the prerequisite to the prize of unity. This applies to our church, any church, and every human community.

Grace pours into a Christ-centered community when humility is our everyday practice — leading to the empowering experience of unity, true collaboration and the unleashing of our gifts for the blessing of many. All of this is made clear in Ephesians 4.

But humility is often misunderstood or underestimated, or completely disregarded.

Essentially, humility is honesty. In humility there is no pretense, no vanity, no boasting and no downgrading, no need to mislead. Humility is transparency. This is who I am — before God. The good, the bad, the ugly. There is no compulsion to deny or revise or embellish the truth.

Humility does not put you at a disadvantage. It does the opposite. It is the gateway to reality. The opportunity to flourish in every situation.

Humility is openness before family and friends, co-workers, classmates and teammates, before anyone. Humility is secure enough to live authentically, faithfully, selflessly and in great freedom, while avoiding the terrible habits of self-aggrandizement, self-loathing, self-justification and irresponsibility.

Humility is unafraid of vulnerability and thrives without the usual, highly unreliable defense mechanisms. God is my champion and defender and provider. Submit to Him and you overcome every adversity.

So, there is tremendous strength and confidence in unaffected humility. Those who are learning humility are also growing in boldness. This recognition is a liberating paradox.

Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace humility and you will become all that you are meant to be. You will inspire trust. You will contribute mightily to unity. You will represent Christ to everyone you meet and encourage them to humbly and gratefully receive all that they need from the hand of God.

(an unlikely spokesman for Humility)

Doug Stevens
Transitional Pastor
Paradise Community Church
Phoenix AZ

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September 11th – Pastor Jerry Ingalls will be preaching on Nehemiah 1: Recognizing the Need

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