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The Nehemiah Project


I am encouraged by your emails and texts I received after Sunday’s service. People are not only testifying to the power of the service, but also to their conviction to get on board, keep short accounts, and read their Bibles.

People are asking for things that they can do – ways that they can increase their commitment and participation in the Nehemiah Project.  I am hesitant to give you more things to “do” when I want you to simply focus on who you are supposed to “be” – a committed follower of Jesus Christ.  The “do” will flow out of your relationship with Jesus.

So, here are some suggestions to help you “be” a follower of Jesus and increase your commitment during the Nehemiah Project.

  • Read your Bible daily.  Consider using a SOAP journal
  • Commit to a small group or Sunday school class during the 10 weeks of the Nehemiah Project
  • Pray for God to reveal who and when you need to forgive people. Keep short accounts.  Seek the outcasts and exiles of your own life and our church
  • Be at church every Sunday and get to know your worship neighborhood. Pay attention to who is there and follow up with who is not
  • Pray for and prayer walk your mission neighborhood, have a neighborhood party to get to know your neighbors.  Find out who else from the church lives in your area
  • Ask God to give you a project to do in the name of Jesus to help someone you would not normally help. Not a church-wide effort, but spontaneous acts of love by the people who are the church
  • Use social media only for the glory of God. Such as my PJ’s Daily Devotion – see FBC Facebook
– Pastor Jerry Ingalls

To read more about the Nehemiah Project, click HERE.

On September 18th Pastor Jerry Ingalls will be preaching on Nehemiah 2: Rise Up!

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