Transforming Stories: Family for Families — what it’s all about

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Dear Family & Friends of FBC,

This is Scott Underwood, and I am writing to you briefly about the Family for Families ministry.  As Jerry talks about our stories in his sermons, I am prompted to think of four stories . . .

  1. When Kyle & Jess York were having their new baby, Claire, dedicated, Jerry made a comment about them being overwhelmed and needing help.  As I spoke to Kyle after the service, he simply said, “That’s the understatement of the year.”  I think that some of us know what three kids under age 4 feels like, but we sometimes forget. Others can probably imagine.
  2. As I spoke to a senior member of our congregation, she told me that she felt cheated because her grown children had moved out of the community, taking her grandchildren with her.  I think that some of us have a lot to give, but don’t have an outlet to direct the giving.
  3. As many have heard before, Bob & Connie Savage have been blessed by their relationship with their “adopted family” – Pastor Jerry & Kimberly, along with their children.  You may or may not know that David & Marcia Ireland (along with the late Al Raab) have had an 18-year version of that “adopted family” relationship. I believe that everybody involved in those relationships would testify to the blessings they have received from the families God has put together.

So, I promised four stories – where is the fourth one?  It is waiting to be written, and it potentially stars many of you.  Are you willing to be used by God in this way?

The intention of the Family for Families ministry is to create an environment where God can begin to create new relationships between the church family (who have resources to offer) and young families in the church (who could use a little help).  There is no formal process, no specific commitments and no obligation.

We invite you to our next event.    (See image above)

As a young family, you are invited to simply come enjoy a free meal and free babysitting, engage in some adult interaction without your kids, and begin to connect with other young families and members of the church family that want to connect with you.

As the church family, you are invited to help in one (or more) of three ways.  You can . . .

  1. Babysit during the event (if you have a background check with church).  If you don’t want to or are unable, you can pay a member of the youth to babysit in your spot.
  2. Make and donate food or donate money toward an inexpensive catered meal.
  3. Come to the event, pay for your meal and maybe someone else’s, and begin to meet our many young families.

So we can manage the people who are interested in helping, we would like you to complete this short form indicating the area(s) in which you are willing to help:

Click on this image to get the form.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you of what happens at our FBC baby dedication.  Jerry holds up the baby, we all “Ooh and Aah,” and then we pray.  And as part of the prayer, Jerry asks us as a congregation if we are willing to help in the raising of this cute little baby.  I’m guessing most of us answer, “We will’’, and so here we are.

For those of you who haven’t had an opportunity to help before now, we are happy to give you that opportunity.  Don’t miss out on the blessings that God has for us in community!

Watch the video below where Nick introduced our first event on Saturday, January 28th

Watch Nick Kimmel as he shares about this ministry!

One Comment on “Transforming Stories: Family for Families — what it’s all about”

  1. I would like to be paired up with another family. My father, Joe Overton, is in the late stages of renal failure. I would like to begin now to build a relationship with another family that could help provide mentoring and possibly even help out in practical ways such as transporting my son to karate when my mom is caring for my dad and I’m at work. Having another Godly role model in my son’s life will especially be important when his grandfather passes away.

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