Transforming Stories: How your story points to His Story! (Week #16)

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Jochebed: One Tough Mom

Hebrews 11:23; Exodus 2:2-10

Pastor Ken Durham

May 14, 2017


Let me start off by saying I know that is a day of celebration, but it is also a tough day for some.  Whether it is because of infertility, the recent loss of a child or the loss of your own mother, I want you to know you are loved and supported by your FBC family.  We realize that we are all in different stages in our lives. Yet, we are all called to be tough in our faith.  James 1:3 states:  “because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” And Romans 5:3 says: “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance.” So as we live life together as a body of believers, we also know that there will be something in every message that applies to our lives.  And while this message may be about Moses’ mother being one tough cookie, it is also to remind us why she and her husband are listed in Hebrews 11 “Hall of Faith”.

In Hebrews 11:23, it simply states:

“By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden for three months by his parents, because they saw that the child was beautiful, and they were not afraid of the king’s edict.”

Though not mentioned by name, it is important to see the part they played…not that they were just his parents, but the role they played in his life.  So let’s do a little digging to find out who they were and what they did.

Pharaoh’s order:

Exodus 1:15-22  All male babies to die

Midwives fear God more than the king

Moses’ parents

Exodus 2:1-3                      Amram & Jochebed
Both from tribe of Levi  Had a son
Hid him for three months
Had support of husband/family
Prepared the basket      God did the rest

*The Jewish historian Josephus claimed that Amram received a divine revelation that Moses would be Israel’s Deliverer.

It was more than the natural love that parents have for their child.   It starts with “By faith…”

I.  Jochebed was one tough mom, because ‘by faith’ she hid Moses for three months.

~Risk everything for the good of the child, but believed God would provide.

~Raising up children in a difficult time.
Miriam was the oldest…probably 6 years old
Aaron was probably 3 years old

~Rebelled against the law of the land to preserve his
life in spite of king’s edict.

ILLUS:  Childhood Vaccination & my sister

                ~Lots of controversy, even today

~Something told my mom not to have it done

II.  Jochebed was one tough mom, because ‘by faith’ she saw the potential in her son.

~She knew there was something special

*Matthew Henry Comm:  “There appeared in him something uncommon; the beauty of the Lord sat upon him, that he was born to great things.”

~She knew that God would preserve His people

*Being a Levite, she had heard the prophecies being shared to remind the people of Israel that they would be in captivity but God would provide a Deliverer.

~She knew that a child was a gift – God’s heritage

*At the Orange Conference last fall, the prevailing message was a reminder that each and every person is created in the image of God.  None are perfect.  While they may not be His heirs yet, despite their sinful nature, they were created by Him.  He desires that all would be saved, but they have to make that choice.

I Timothy 2:4      “who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

III.  Jochebed was one tough mom, because ‘by faith’ she put him in the basket in the river and gave him away.

SHOW video clip “Prince of Egypt”

                This is NOT exactly the way it happened

Read Exodus 2:3-10

                ~She trusted God and placed him in the reeds.

~She trusted her 6 year old daughter to watch over him

~Pharaoh’s daughter may not have been old enough to have children yet herself
(believed to be Hatshepsut, daughter of Thutmosis I, who was about the same age as Miriam.                                  Acc: Associates for Biblical Research)

~God made it possible for her to take care of her son and get paid for it!

IV.  Jochebed was one tough mom, because ‘by faith’ she gave her son to be adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter.

~She knew she would have him for a short time.

~After he was weaned, she took him to the princess

between 2-3 years of age

~Pharaoh’s daughter named him MOSES, which

means, ‘to draw out’ (v 10)

~She entrusted Moses into God’s hands, even though

she could not control his future.


By faith, Jochebed was one tough mom when she broke the law, saw a future for her son, let him go, got him back, then had to give him away.  But all the while, she knew that God was in control.  She made a big sacrifice, which could also be seen in what God did for us when He sent His one and only Son.  After Jesus was born,  King Herod made an edict to have all the male children 2 and under killed, and his parents escaped to Egypt.  Moses was the Deliverer of Israel out of slavery in Egypt.  Jesus is our DELIVERER out of slavery to sin.  It is BY FAITH that we are saved.  So whether you are a mother, father, daughter, son, sister or brother, it is your decision to be “tough” and turn away from the things of this world and turn to Jesus!


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