The Gift: You are Gifted for the Harvest


“The Gift: You are Gifted for the Harvest!”

This series was originally presented from September 21 – October 26, 2014. There are six teachings presented by various speakers. The first three teachings were followed by Gift Overviews. These Overviews defined a set of gifts and shared testimonies from believers who exhibit those particular gifts. These Overviews are presented first with the videos and notes. Following these are the six related teachings with notes where available.
Feel free to peruse these presentations and pray about how God has gifted you and how He desires use you to transform stories to His glory. There are also other related materials, as well as a Spiritual Gifts test you may wish to take. We suggest you take our Next Steps class as you explore this subject. It is integral to your walk with Christ and being a functioning member of his body here on earth.
God has blessed us with so many wonderful gifts through the Holy Spirit but only by his gracious GIFT given to us through Jesus Christ.  Namely a relationship with God through Jesus! 
This series includes a total of 9 lessons with notes. 
Again, the first three give an overview of the gifts with video testimonies of many of the gifts.  There are lists and explanations that accompany the videos to help you better understand the gifts. 
Overview of the Spiritual Gifts, Pt 1
Overview of the Spiritual Gifts, Pt 2
Overview of the Spiritual Gifts, Pt 3
Then there are six teachings given by various pastors and elders.  The last one is presented by one of our missionaries.  Notes are also included with these messages.
Teaching #1:  September 21, 2014   Pastor Jerry Ingalls,  “The Gift is for the Glory of God!”
Teaching #2:  September 28, 2014   Pastor Jerry Ingalls,  “The Gift is all about Love!”
Teaching #3:  October 5, 2014  Chris Peoples,  “The Gift:  You are Gifted for the Harvest!”
Teaching #4:  October 12, 2014  Brandon Atwood,  “How do I use my Spiritual Gifts?”
Teaching #5:  October 19, 2014  Pastor Ken Durham,  “How to BE using your gifts!”
Teaching #6:  October 26, 2014  Missionary Jim White,  “Gifts for the Harvest!”
If you are interested in watching or listening to these lessons, you can access them by clicking HERE.
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