First Baptist Church’s Five-Stage COVID-19 Response Plan




FBC’s Stage 2  starts on May 11, 2020** and extends tentatively to May 21, 2020. [**As stated above this does not apply to Sunday, May 10 since we extended FBC’s Stage 1.] Only very minor changes to Stage 1 and the emphasis is still on keeping everyone out of danger.



  • Building closed to all activities except for essential leadership & staff functioning and community partnership to bring thriving to our community. Exceptions must be approved by the Elders.
  • Staff is still asked to work remotely, but allowances can start being made as transition begins, and must follow all CDC protocols.. Any exceptions will be made by Office Director in partnership with Lead Pastor. No volunteers in office space in this stage.
  • Online/virtual as the only means of participating in all weekly programs with one allowance.*
  • THE ALLOWANCE: The only allowance in FBC’s Stage 2 will be regarding our primary Sunday morning 10:30 am service. Taking all general guidelines into account (see above), we will open the front doors under the portico and allow people to attend. We actively request that people stay home or watch service as they have been, even though the front door is open. If you are unable to watch our service at home or safely at a friend’s home, and if you meet the general guidelines for your own and others’ safety, and if you feel that it is very important to your well-being that you attend the service live and in the building, then you can attend in person. Please ensure that you meet all that criteria and we will respect the autonomous decision making authority of each individual. Please don’t put your pastors in a hard situation, remembering 1 Peter 5:5-7. In this stage, this will remain essentially an online service, but now with a live audience with the following requests and restraints:
    • If you consider attending, please meet all recommended health requirements to do so. Please do not come if you are sick or have been exposed to a person who has been recently sick. According to the CDC, a person must be fever-free for 72 hours and be 10 days past the first appearance of symptoms to no longer be considered contagious.
    • Those who attend are required to wear a mask. You will be lovingly asked to put one on when you arrive. Our only exception is when someone is up front leading, singing, or communicating, but even those people will wear one during the other parts of the service. CDC states that singing produces the same projection of germs as coughing. Families with children who are age 2 and under should consider whether to attend or not since the CDC says it is not safe for children under the age of 2 to wear a mask.
    • All people are asked to use the hand sanitizing station upon walking in.
    • Those who attend will be asked and directed to sit every other pew with 6’ between any non-household member. Please do not put someone in an awkward situation by sitting next to them, even if that is where you “always” sit. Be flexible and find a safe place to sit and respect people’s boundaries. Please don’t put us in the awkward situation of having to ask you to move.
    • Those who attend can drop their offering in a basket in the back. No passing of plate.
    • If a communion service arises during Stage 2 it is primarily focused on happening at home (as in Stage 1), but those who attend will be provided a self-contained communion packet upon entering (a table set up in back of worship center with them laid out).
    • There will be no bulletins provided in service. They will be sent via email and mailed to shut-ins.
    • There will be no neighborhood time and people are asked to respect one another’s personal space regardless of how they personally feel about the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Indoor playground is closed and we ask people to respect one another’s space.
    • No greeters at doors or in gathering area in this stage.
    • No volunteer at the “Start Here” or Children’s Area sign in desk in this Stage.
    • Doors open at 10 am, no Sunday School classes, no youth or children programs, no coffee or refreshments, no water fountain usage, no access to other areas, and no valet car services.
    • The main and family bathrooms are available.
    • The church doors will be closing 15 minutes following dismissal of the service.