---Text Giving

The picture depicts a sample gift of $50.  The steps are as follows:
  • The number you are texting to is 73256
  • The FBC code is fbcnc
  • Add your tithing amount with a dollar sign, e.g. $50
  • Your message should be fbcnc $50
  • Send your message
  • You will get get a response that says “You’re almost there.  Click your unique link to complete your gift to First Baptist Church.”
  • When you click your unique link, it will take you to a page where you can enter your credit card information.
  • You will be able to edit your tithing amount if you wish
  • Complete your transaction and you will be done!
If you have additional questions about tithing or need assistance with the various giving options, please feel free to contact the church office and ask for Tiffany or Lisa.  You can also complete a form HERE.