Seize the Moment: New Testament Devotions for Today

The uniqueness of Seize the Moment is that this book is the direct product of real pastoral ministry to God’s people during one of the most difficult times of local church ministry! I wrote a devotion on every chapter of the New Testament to comfort the congregation as we walked through the COVID-19 pandemic. I disciplined myself during the quarantine to rise early, read God’s Word, pray through it, and then pray to God asking Him what would edify and encourage His people at such a time as this. That is what you are holding in your hand when you hold this book—a fresh word from God for His Church, today!

Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls
My family has been called by God to live and serve in New Castle, Indiana since January 2010. By God’s grace and through the provision of the Holy Spirit, I am an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the American Baptist Churches of the United States of America (ABC-USA). My educational journey includes the following degrees: Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Studies from Grace Theological Seminary (2020); Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary (2008); Master of Science in Counseling and Student Development from the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University (2000); and Bachelor of Science in Human Factors Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point (1996). I have had the honor of serving in two ABC churches in pastoral ministry since 2003. Throughout this journey, I am thankful to have completed the US Army Chaplains Course (2007) and Emergency Medical Ministry Course (2008), as well as training through the International Leadership Institute (2009) and Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program (2014). Prior to that I honorably served in the US Army as an Infantry Officer with assignments in the 82nd Airborne Division and the US Army’s World Class Athlete Program, with awards such as the US Army Ranger Tab, Airborne and Air Assault Wings, as well as the coveted Expert Infantryman Badge. It is my greatest privilege to be married to my beloved bride since 1999 through which God has generously blessed us with three wonderful children. We are committed to homeschooling our children, loving one another well, and living simply according to the grace God gives us daily. I enjoy trail running, backcountry hiking, and reading. Above all, I am a yokefellow of Jesus Christ and authentically desire to do all for the glory of God (Matthew 11:28-30). CLICK HERE if you would like a New Testament reading plan to accompany the book or to use by itself.
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Did you enjoy First Baptist Church’s 2021 sermon series, “Live like a Champion: Victory Through the Promises of God”? Did you enjoy learning, memorizing, and applying the promises of God to your daily life? If you answered yes, then do we have great news to share with you! You can go even deeper and live like a champion today through the 40 Promises in 40 Days Challenge! This is a discipleship tool that was developed through the preaching ministry of Pastor Jerry right here at FBC in New Castle! This book is 100% a local work of New Castle, Indiana, as it was edited by Emily Hurst and published by Sean Slagle’s AGF Publishing LLC. Let’s celebrate God and share the good news that He is doing a great work in and through our church and community!
With Easter quickly approaching, join with your brothers and sisters in Christ to invest time every day over the next few months to prepare yourself to celebrate Easter and to learn how to live according to the Victory of Jesus Christ. Whether you follow the Lenten practice of a 40-day season of preparation for Easter or you are simply looking for your next Bible study book, Pastor Jerry’s newest book is right on time for you. Jerry reworked the 2021 sermon series on the promises of God into accessible devotionals that can be read under 5 minutes, and added new material to transform this work into this “40-day devotional on steroids!” This book integrates Jerry’s biblical studies and pastoral work with stories and examples from his athletic background as an All-American athlete. It is our hope that this resource will both motivate you and equip you to live like a champion today, as well as give you the biblical foundation to do so for the rest of your life!
Therefore, First Baptist Church is excited to share with you Pastor Jerry’s second book, published by AGF Publishing on February 18, 2022:
Live Like a Champion Today: The 40 Promises in 40 Days Challenge! It is available for purchase on Amazon: If you don’t shop online, then please reach out to Pastor Jerry directly for information on how you can get your hands on his newest book.
A short description:

Are you a young athlete seeking to understand your passion for sport in the context of God’s Word? Are you a pastor seeking personally to walk in victory or lead your congregation to live according to the promises of God? Are you a youth group leader wanting to teach the promises of God in a fresh way with a relevant and timely metaphor that connects to your local community? Are you a leader of a small group, local Christian club, or community/school ministry, such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes or Athletes in Action, looking for the next right material to take your people through that is both biblical and applicable to daily life? Whether you need a 40-day devotional for Lent, or a motivational book to work with your fellow athletes on a team, this book is right on time for you. It can also be utilized as a Bible study resource that helps you meditate on a promise of God per week throughout the year. However you use this book, accept the challenge today, and you will live like a champion for Christ!

Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls integrates his depth of biblical studies, years of pastoral experience, and extensive athletic background to teach you how to live the victorious life of Jesus Christ, by daily believing God according to His promises. Having already tested this material in a local church, Jerry’s desire is to see you use this book to live like a champion for Christ, today, by training yourself for godliness according to this proven training regimen that will take you deeply into the Word of God, so that you can apply the promises of God in your daily life. Jerry writes with the same passion that he also demonstrated in training to be an Academic All-American at West Point, going from being a walk-on to a team captain, leading Army to beat Navy, winning the Patriot League championships, and a setting both the United States Military Academy and Patriot League records in the hammer throw, both of which have stood, unthreatened, for over 25 years. Jerry went on to compete at the national and international levels, competing as a member of Team USA, culminating in two USA Track & Field Olympic Team Trials berths, in 1996 & 2000. Jerry has applied the same devotion of a champion to grow as a passionate follower of Jesus over the last 25 years, and as a faithful pastor for nearly two decades, and he wants to coach you on how to do the same! As Pastor Jerry likes to say, “You are a member of God’s championship team, now live like a champion today!”

Dr. Ingalls built this work on the athletic imagery of the New Testament, anchored it in the expository study of 2 Peter 1’s teaching of “His precious and magnificent promises,” and applied it through his intensive pastoral study of how to personally and corporately train for godliness through 40 promises of God found in the Bible. You, as well as the other members of God’s team in your local church or community, can learn to apply every Word of God to your daily life through an intensive 40-day training regimen, called “The 40 Promises in 40 Days Challenge!” This book will not only ground you deeply in the Bible, which is meant to be studied, memorized, and then applied so that you can experience God’s victory for your life today, but it will also give you the training regimen necessary to deeply root the promises of God into your heart and mind so that you can live like a champion today, and every day, for the rest of your life, to the glory of God!

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