Seize the Moment – Day 60

Reach out to Jesus!

Luke 8


Good morning! This is Pastor Jerry Ingalls from New Castle First Baptist Church and today is Saturday, May 16.


A short church update before the devotion: Stages 2-4 are like the longest part of an already long plane ride–the process of landing and then getting off the airplane. The good news is that the plane is starting to land, but please remain patient as we go through the stages of landing (2 & 3) and exiting (4).


In stages 2 & 3, we are unlocking the front doors of the church building at 10 AM for our 10:30 service. With that said the elders and leaders strongly encourage you to watch online during these stages if you can. Your safety is our shepherding responsibility. We know this is a confusing time for many, especially our beloved senior adults, so please trust us, we do love you and want you. Only join us in person if you cannot join with us in any other way. If you are coming tomorrow, please help us keep everyone safe by planning to wear your mask, using hand sanitizer upon entering, and staying safely distanced the entire time. Please go to our webpage for detailed information or call the elder on call if you have questions for how this applies to you personally.


Luke 8:46 demonstrates that Jesus wants you to personally reach out to Him: “But Jesus said, ‘Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.’”


Many people were a part of a crowd that was pressing against Jesus, but Jesus said power went out from Him to one specific person because she touched Jesus in a different way. There is a difference between being a part of a crowd and being a person who reaches out to Jesus in faith. Are you experiencing the power of Jesus in your life?


Seize the moment and reach out in faith to touch Jesus today. I pray that Jesus’ power may enter into your life as your reach out to Him in faith today.


FBC wants to help you in practical ways, so please dial the phone number below if you would like someone to call you today. We are praying for you!  



If you prefer a video, Pastor Jerry reads his devotion on YouTube as well.  Click HERE to visit the page. 
Videos are posted about a week after the devotion appears in the blog.