Seize the Moment – Day 608

The Importance of Commitments!

Numbers 30


Good morning! This is Pastor Jerry Ingalls from New Castle First Baptist Church and today is Monday, November 15.


Do you struggle to keep your commitments? Do people trust that your yes means yes and your no means no?


Numbers 30:2 establishes the foundational principle for the making and breaking of vows:
“If a man makes a vow to the Lord, or takes an oath to bind himself with a binding obligation, he shall not violate his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.”


Any commitment made before God must be fulfilled. The remainder of Numbers 30 legislated the exceptions to this law of God because it differed for women, especially for daughters who were under their father’s authority and wives who were under their husband’s, but the principle stood: God honors our personal decision-making authority (“agency”) to make commitments!


Practically speaking, when I assist couples in their preparation for their wedding day or when I am helping a married couple with their marriage, I often say, “Once you said yes to one another on your wedding day, that person became God’s will for your life because God honors your vows.”


Jesus simplified the conversation in Matthew 5:33-37:
“Again, you have heard that the ancients were told, ‘You shall not make false vows, but shall fulfill your vows to the LORD.’ But I say to you, … let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’; anything beyond these is of evil.”


God honors your “yes” and your “no” because God honors you! Both your “yes” and your “no” are a gift from the Sovereign God to give you authority in your own life. Simply stated, Jesus calls you to steward the responsibility of personal agency with integrity!


Seize the moment and live within the boundaries of your yes and your no; so that, the world may see God’s love and faithfulness in and through your life!

God bless your day!
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