Seize the Moment – Day 927

The Rhythm of Generosity!

1 Chronicles 29


Good morning! This is Pastor Jerry Ingalls from New Castle First Baptist Church and today is Friday, September 30.


Immediately before Solomon’s coronation, David led the people in consecrating their offerings to the Lord for the building of the temple. His excitement was contagious, as 1 Chronicles 29:8-9 describes, “Whoever possessed precious stones gave them to the treasury of the house of the Lord, in care of Jehiel the Gershonite. Then the people rejoiced because they had offered so willingly, for they made their offering to the Lord with a whole heart, and King David also rejoiced greatly.


The cause and effect found in this passage is beautiful – the people rejoiced because they had offered so willingly. This is the joy that comes from living in the rhythm of generosity with Jehovah-Jireh, just as David prays in verses 12-14:


Both riches and honor come from You, and You rule over all, and in Your hand is power and might; and it lies in Your hand to make great and to strengthen everyone. Now therefore, our God, we thank You, and praise Your glorious name. But who am I and who are my people that we should be able to offer as generously as this? For all things come from You, and from Your hand we have given You.


David rightly acknowledged that God owns everything. Furthermore, he admitted that they have nothing to offer God apart from what God’s generous hand had already provided.This revelation is a game changer! Our ability to give is only because God first gave to us. It requires humility to embrace this truth, but in doing so it opens you up to the rhythm of generosity that flows from God to us as showcased by Jesus Christ – “We love, because He first loved us(1 John 4:19; cf. John 3:16).


Seize the moment and choose to live in a rhythm of generosity with the God who owns everything and who has provided for your every need, for God loves a cheerful giver(2 Corinthians 9:7). By doing so, you will not be grieved by your giving, rather the joy of the Lord will be your strength (Nehemiah 8:10).

God bless you. 


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