Where do I enter?

We encourage you to enter at the main entrance, which is covered for all weather conditions.  You will be greeted with a smile at the front doors.

How do I know where to go?

As you enter the lobby, you will see a banner identical to the photo below.  This is the place for your questions to be answered on Sunday morning.banner 3x10 TINY

What is offered for my children?

We have great classes during our worship gathering for children through 4th grade.  5th grade and older will be in the worship center.  We have a designated check-in station for children’s ministry on the left side of the gathering area.

What should I wear?

People in our church dress in a variety of ways.  We invite you to dress however you feel most comfortable on Sunday morning.

How long is the worship gathering?

Our worship begins at 10:30 and concludes between 11:45am-Noon.  If you come with children, please give enough time for the check-in process.

What version of the Bible does FBC use?

Different version are used depending on who is preaching.  In the past year, we have used NASB, ESV, NIV and NLT.

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.  If you would like more information prior to being our guest, please contact the church office.


Note:  To see our Statement of Beliefs or more about How to Find Us, hover your mouse over “I’m New” in the menu above.