Advent 2023 (Wk 3) The Christmas Word


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Advent 2021 Special Presentation – Week 3

First Baptist Church presents:

From the Streets of Bethlehem


A Special Report from the Bethlehem Evening News, featuring Walter Concrete, and man-on-the-scene, Harold O’Riviera. Hear eye witnesses recountings, their encounters with the Roman census, Angels, and a very special baby in a manger.  You won’t want to miss this wonderful event…

From the Streets of Bethlehem


Production team:

Penny Stevens, Sean Slagle
Costuming:            Cyndi Johansen, Debbie Thorpe, Amy Kinnaird
Set & props:          Mike Johannsen, Ken Durham, Lyle Stevens
Tech:                       David Maddy, Michael Dabrowski, Max Harter, Elijah Abrams
Music:                     Cindy Kurz, Ken Durham, Kevin Stonerock

Cast for the Play

Walter Concrete:    Everett Cole
Harold O’Riviera:     Shawn Harter 
Bethlehem crowd: Cheryl Hannum , Jill Stonerock, Kimberly Ingalls, Alana & Willow,                       
Centurion:  Tim Martin
Innkeeper & wife:  Scott & Tiffany Lee
Joseph, Mary, & Jesus:  Caleb, Staisha & Raven West
Shepherds: Kevin Stonerock, Larry Abrams, David Ulloa
Angels:  Cindy Kurz, Leah Durham, Emily Hurst, Brook Evans,Bree King
Wise Men:  Ken Durham, Kolby Durham, Kyler Durham
Simeon:  Jack Hannum
Author:  Penny Stevens  


Production Team:  Dick Kinnaird, Michael Dabrowski
Cast for the Commercials
Joshua’s Trumpets:   Matthew Giddings
Jonah’s Deep Sea Fishing:   Jonah Kinnaird
The Miracle Diet:   Trevor Morgan
Abel’s Canes:  Michael Dabrowski
Holy Land Insurance:  Bree King, Norah Hamilton
1-800-Dan-Yell:   Kaitlyn Giddings, Jonah Kinnaird
Zaccheus for Tax Collector: Max Sparks
P.H.I.L.I.P:  Sarah Waymire, Matthew Giddings
Author:  Sean Slagle

You can listen to the presentation here:


You can watch the presentation by clicking HERE.


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The Promises of Christmas (Week 3)

Glimpses of the Nativity

Based on the four Gospels
A Reader’s Theater written and directed by Penny Stevens
This is a different story of the birth of Jesus.  We are directed by a Narrator to different characters who played a role in the nativity, or birth of Jesus, and his life shortly after…
Narrator:  “…for God so loved the world…that was His plan from the beginning! 
(Narrator:  Jack Hannum)
Of course there are Mary and Joseph.  They give us a glimpse into the feelings and struggles the young Jewish couple faced. 
Mary:  “Behold, I am a servant of the Lord!  Let it be to me according to your Word…”
Joseph:  “Messiah is coming…and He’s going to live in my house!”
(Joseph:  Kevin King;  Mary: Bree King)
Then there are the Innkeeper and his wife.  It was a busy time with irritating customers and crowded conditions.  It isn’t easy to find a place for the young couple who are desperate in their time of need. 
Innkeeper: “Sure I remember that night! What a week… people coming in from all over! We had them stacked on top of each other. Everyone was tired and cranky… I turned away so many people that night I lost count. I turned a young couple away too…”
Innkeeper’s wife: “…we were full. There was no room anywhere… I saw the young couple…Her child would be coming very soon! Samuel, we have to find them a place!”
(Innkeeper:  Mike Johansen,  Innkeeper’s wife:  Cyndi Johansen)
Then we meet a lowly surprised shepherd who tells it like it is… 
…Suddenly we were surrounded by light. 
I could see the shock on my brothers’ faces that I was sure was mirrored in my own.
Then an angel appeared and said,
“Fear Not!”
Huh!?  For some reason when an angel declares “Fear Not!” — FEAR IS OUR FIRST REACTION!
Well!  We feared all right!  We were terrified!
We fell on our faces – praying for ABBA’s protection like we never prayed before…!
(Shepherd:  Shawn Harter)
Last of all we hear from one of the wise men who arrived a little later on the scene.  These men had been studying and searching for years and now, at last, their dreams are literally coming true…
A wise man:  “My brothers and I followed the star.  We received word that Herod wanted to meet with us…we privately questioned his intentions.  He sent us to Bethlehem…we were in agreement that Herod had no plans to worship the child king…  We continued to follow the star…
(Wise Man:  Daniel Kinnaird)
Allow your heart to be stirred once again by these “Glimpses of the Nativity” 

You can listen to the Reader’s Theater here:


You can watch to the Reader’s Theater HERE. (Week #3, Dec. 13th)


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Celebrating Jesus at Christmas (Week 2)

3 Wise Men and a Baby

The FBC Children’s Choir and guests present a musical  play about events surrounding the birth of Jesus. 



(In Order of Appearance)
FBC Children’s Choir & guests
Helen Estelle, Grace Logan, Kaitlyn Giddings, Bella Dailey, Lily Dailey, Nora Hamilton, Dylan Bunner, Jacob Hamilton, Aubrey Whitaker, Emma Durham, Jonah Kinnaird, Caleb Kinnaird, & Danny Hurst
Narrator : Haylee Brown
Ranger Shawn : Shawn Harter
Angel #1 : Grace Logan
Kid #1 & Kid #2 : Maxwell Richardson & Josiah Plumhoff
Inn Keeper : Caden Upchurch
Inn Keeper’s Wife : Kaitlyn Giddings
Joseph : Dylan Bunner
Mary : Nora Hamilton
Animals : Addy Durham, Brenna Evans, Lucy Kinnaird & Anna Plumhoff
Shepherd #1 : Jacob Hamilton
Shepherd #2 : Aubrey Whitaker
Shepherd #3 : Emma Durham
Multitude of Angels : Willow & Alana Ingalls, Helen Estelle, Bella & Lily Dailey
Gaspar : Jonah Kinnaird
Melchior : Caleb Kinnaird
Binky : Danny Hurst

You can listen to the production here:


You can watch the video version by clicking HERE.


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