Seize the Moment – Day 59


Luke 7


Good morning! This is Pastor Jerry Ingalls from New Castle First Baptist Church and today is Friday, May 15.


Do you believe what people say about you? It’s a dangerous business finding yourself on the front page of the newspaper. Why? Because you might believe what the world says about you.  Once we start believing opinions, whose opinion matters the most?


In Luke 7:1-10, we read a powerful story of how Jesus heals the servant of a Roman centurion.  Verses 3-5 narrate the story as the “elders of the Jews…pleaded with [Jesus] earnestly, saying, ‘[the Centurion] is worthy to have you do this for him, for he loves our nation, and he is the one who built us our synagogue.'”


I am a bit scandalized by the use of the word “worthy” and of a Jewish endorsement for an occupying force’s military leader in their hometown. It strikes me as flattery, but the centurion did not believe his own press release, nor give himself over to flattery (read verses 6-7). Unlike his emperor, who demanded that people worship him as a god, here was a humble man. Jesus concludes about the centurion, “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith” (v. 9).


This was high praise from Jesus and not flattery! Jesus saw the fruit of repentance in this man. Jesus saw humility instead of pride, love of his neighbor rather than love of self, and a sincere desire to serve his community rather than to be served.


Seize the moment and pray with me: Lord, I desire to be a faithful person from the inside out. I know that I cannot produce the fruit of repentance on my own power so please teach me to abide in You so that You can bear fruit through my life for Your glory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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