The 2020 Vision Initiative…
In July of 2010 we celebrated our 100th anniversary as First Baptist Church in New Castle, Indiana.  During that wonderful weekend, Pastor Jerry looked into our future and outlined a vision that he believed would lead us into the next 10 years.  He makes three teaching points and carefully discusses each one.   One of our goals as a church was to be out of debt by 2020 – and we have already achieved that seemingly impossible goal together!  But he points to other more important things we should focus on that will keep us walking in a direction that will please God and win hearts for Jesus!  Listen to his original presentation below and let’s join together to seek God’s will for our church, for New Castle and beyond!

Filmed in the Chapel in July of 2010.
Below is an outline of Jerry’s short message…
The 2020 Vision Initiative
Introduction – (0:08)
The Imperative: To prepare for our full availability as Ministers of Reconciliation (1:06)
The Initiative – I Chronicles 22:5 (1:26)
Three teaching points (2:04)
1. It is God Focused (2:22)
2. It is Multi-Generational Dependent (4:36)
Invest in the Vision (5:44)
Train the Next Generation (4:46)
3. It is Future Focused (9:09)
Conclusion: It prepares us to receive further direction (10:46)