Ed Bell’s Testimony Sept 10, 2023

Ed Bell, Husband, Father, Farmer and Speaker.


As a youth I had it better than Opie Taylor. I’ve been a farmer most of my life.

Little things make a big impact!

Deb and I were dating and thinking about getting serious. She had a former boyfriend who couldn’t take no for an answer. Deb was a nurse and had moved into an apartment. She invited me over to see it.


My life was changed forever on Sept 5, 1982.

Her boyfriend shot at the apartment and drove off. The police came and told us to stay put. I had driven the farm truck that weekend and I had a 22 rifle and took it into the apartment. Her boyfriend came back and broke all the windows out of the truck. He climbed up to her balcony.

Deb hid in the closet and dialed 911. He kicked at the sliding glass door. He had a trench knife and a large pistol. He dropped the knife as he kicked. The door latch broke and he came in. He said, “Kill me, Ed.” Ed had his rifle and knew he had the right to kill him. Ed wouldn’t kill him. He grabbed Ed’s rifle and Ed heard a “boom”.

They continued to struggle. Ed shot him in the leg and it made him angrier. Ed fell over and he shot Ed point blank while he lay on the floor. Ed tried to shoot him but the rifle jammed. He shot Ed again and hit him in the collar shattering vertebrae paralyzing him. It was a 44 special hollow point. The blood was pouring out of his body (he lost half of his blood supply) and Ed could hear it hitting the floor.

He was passing out and could hardly breath. He was sure he was going to die. He could only think of all of his dreams. He feared for his parents’ reaction. He even wondered if his science teacher was right – there is nothing after death. But he said “NO!, I believe in Jesus”. His sins passed before his eyes. “No, I believe in Jesus! I’ve got nothing but Jesus!” I remembered the song, Jesus Loves Me. The blood stopped!

The next thing he remembered was ER.
The doctors found the holes but couldn’t find the source of the blood. He kept asking, “Am I going to die?” He could hear the guy who shot him screaming in the next room. When the blood stopped in the apartment. He was sure God did it. The first time Ed told Deb he loved her was while he was lying on the floor of her apartment.

He had to learn to do things all over again.

God has called Ed to till the soil and cultivate people whenever he gets the chance.

Ed took the chance to challenge us…

Romans 15:28-29

Matthew 16:24-26

Galatians 2:20

Isaiah 57:11-13

“Get planted where you are, grow, make fruit. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind – and tell the world.

It’s that simple. Do it now. Repentance isn’t you crying. It’s you changing.

Die…let that rot and then sprout new and follow Christ. No matter what the cost…”.

You can watch the message by clicking HERE.


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