Pastor Jerry’s letters to the church body…
“Pastor Jerry is sending out a series of ten letters over the next two years. This is a part of the 2020 Vision Initiative as FBC seeks to be an Acts 2 Jesus-community focused on our mission and vision. These letters not only build up the congregation in preparation for Pastor Jerry’s three month sabbatical from August 25 – November 24, 2019, but most importantly keep us focused on Jesus and His mission for His Church going into our 110-year Church Anniversary in July 2020.
Over the next two years, each letter will have a unique focus on how we all can participate in bringing about the fulfillment of our mission and vision, which together states, “FBC exists to transform stories through the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we will see communities thriving to the glory of God!”


Letter #1 August 19, 2018

If you would like to read Letter #1, click HERE.
Would you like to hear more about Jerry’s upcoming Sabbatical?
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Letter #2 September 9, 2018

If you would like to read Letter #2, click HERE.


Letter #3 December 16, 2018

(Note:  This video and letter will go “live” on December 16th!
If you would like to read Letter #3, click HERE (after the 16th).